Just a few months into 2021 and it’s clear that parents, students, and teachers are once again looking at an unusual and unprecedented school session. 
Parents are struggling with how and what students should be learning. These parents are searching for academic, social, and emotional activities and supports that can keep their students on track, despite the continued upheaval of their routines. This becomes more challenging as parents navigate classroom time, from part-time in-person classes to 100% online Zoom sessions.
Despite health concerns and safety, it’s important that students be given equivalent opportunities to support their grade level and personal development. The lessons and skills that they are learning during these years are the building blocks that define their success in subsequent grade levels.
Even with the best intentions, the uncertainty surrounding the remainder of the school year may be contributing to some learning loss – a kind of extended “summer slide”. At the same time, students need stimulating opportunities outside of the classroom to keep them engaged.

I’ve collected some tips from my wonderful existing clients to help other parents make the most of this uncertain time.

Tips to Keep Your Student on Track in 2021
Each of these recommendations is, of course, dependent on your comfort level and the interests of your student. We are lucky to live in Southern California with glorious weather and able to take advantage outdoor activities most of the year.

Learn to play (an instrument)

Extended periods at home may present the perfect opportunity for your student to learn an instrument, or pick up a new one.  Learning an instrument offers a number of lifelong and developmental benefits and can be done even during quarantine online or with a local teacher.

Horseback riding
After spending months in our homes, outdoor activities are a welcome addition to a student’s schedule. Horseback riding offers the chance to get out into the fresh air while socially distancing.

Online coding classes
Get them started with an online coding class. Learning to program a new game or modifications for a favorite game, like Minecraft, can engage students in a favorite activity in new and exciting ways. Therefore, coding class can assist young students better prepared for new way of thinking – improve STEM proficiency.

Get active with sports
Part of keeping sharp mentally is to include exercise in our days. While team sports may not be available now, this could be a chance to try a new sport that is also safe. Sports like tennis and golf don’t require students to be physically close to others but still get them moving.

Get academic support for challenging subjects
As with assessment prep, support for academic subjects may be called for or even just helpful. Distanced learning could be causing students who would normally be fine with a subject to struggle. One-on-one tutoring can help keep students on track and moving ahead, so they are ready for when classes resume in person.
If you find your student is in need of supplemental educational support for the learning gap caused during these unprecedented times, I’m here to help. Book FREE, NO OBLIGATION consulting session with me to keep your student on track for the fall and to get the most out of this time. 

Interested in learning more? Contact me at [email protected] or visit our website at www.RoopaRao.com. We’re here to answer your questions, offer advice, and point you to programs and resources to help your student succeed –Educational Support or Assessment Testing.

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