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Academic Assessments

Assessment testing methods provide valuable information about what your child has learned, how well they learned it, and what areas they are struggling with academically in their current grade level. Assessments offer a dependable “baseline” for defining explicit goals integrating student motivation with learning and grading.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA programs are specially designed to help children with autism and other developmental disorders. While concentrating on decreasing problem behaviors – to increase language and communication skills – I work on improving attention, focus, social skills, memory, as well as academics.


Advocacy (IEP)

As your child’s Advocate, I can represent you and your child. My goal is to create and implement the student’s Individualized Educational Plan, which is the blueprint for meeting that child’s special education needs in the “least restrictive environment.

Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning issues can cause challenges in the classroom setting. It affects a child’s ability to process information using skills for organizing, planning and paying attention. It also develops skills for inhibiting inappropriate responses or poor impulse control. Working with your child. I can develop strategies that support and encourage successful behaviors.


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