Being in the tutoring profession for the past 15 plus years, I often get asked when meeting prospective parents, what can a tutor do for my child?  Or when is the right time or school grade I should seek outside support for my child’s education? 

Low test scores and/or feedback from teachers can be a clear indication that a child may need extra help, however tutoring is not just for remedial support. Even children with strong marks may benefit from tutoring if they are not realizing their full academic potential.

In my practice, I often receive tutoring requests for students who already have strong grades but want an extra boost in order to excel or get ahead. Moreover, while tutoring is helpful for academic performance it also supports efficiency in time management and organization—which are useful skills even for students who do not have a learning disability.


Whether you have a rebel, procrastinator, perfectionist or a little speed demon whizzing thru all his/her work to just get it done, 

we have the right tools to enable the best learning practices so homework can be less stressful for you and your child. The teaching habits learned along with the strong foundation and organization skills gained, give your child advantages that will serve them for years to come. 

The COVID-19 slide impacting students  

Just like the many students experience learning loss during the summer months also known as the (summer slide).  There is no denying that there are learning challenges in the current climate where students have less engagement and one on one interaction with teachers and students. 

Everyone is feeling the strain of many months of distance learning.  It is important that parents do what they can to create the most positive environments for children and help them navigate in our new normal of learning. 

For example, if you are a first grader or in middle school, your child needs to have executive functions to meet deadlines to submit work properly online to get graded. As this is the only way instructors have a connection and know how his/her academic performance is being evaluated. 

This adds an extra layer of knowledge to be equipped to perform and be evaluated during distant learning. Many of the best students struggle with this simple procedure as this is a new dynamic added to submitting their class work specially in elementary grade students. 

From my experience during the school shut down over the last 7 months in Los Angeles county, there are basically

5 DIRECT BENEFITS from seeking a tutor:

  • 1:1 attention for optimal learning
  • Greater synergy between parents, teachers and students
  • Increased self confidence in learning 
  • Improved academic performance 
  • Better attitude towards distance learning 

My years of working with students has given me the ability to recognize how each individual child learns differently. My job is to give each child the right tools so they can unleash their full learning potential and achieve the greatest success. 

If you are interested in learning more or how we can make a difference for your child contact me directly at [email protected] or visit our website

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